About US

Romaldi helps companies to find good Service and clients to find good craftsmen. The company was founded in 2020 the Homeowners’ Association became our main owner. Romaldi mediates the contact between customer and provider. Clients enter inquiries on our site and receive  up to 6 answers  from craftsmen who wish to work with the current job. We  quality assure all member companies  to make it safer for the customer. The companies have  profile pages  with  reviews  from other customers and reference jobs to market their services in a good way.
If you are a  craftsman  , you can easily and efficiently find  assignments that suit your search profile  where you want to work geographically. You choose your search profile (categories and municipalities) and receive notifications  of new assignments via email . You choose which inquiries you want to answer and you can also  market your company with nice reference jobs and good customer reviews  via your profile page on the service. We who are the  founders of Romaldi are people with a background both as customers and suppliers of these services. We have created the service content on the basis of the own experiences we have in the area and the  functions we ourselves would like to see  for this market to function even better. If you have your own ideas on how we can further improve our offer or if you for any other reason want to get in touch with us,  please  contact us .